Below are examples of assignments we have worked on with clients in a variety of sectors and geographies.

Education Publishing / India


  • Worked with a leading textbook publishing group to size the opportunity for K-12 English language books in India.
  • As part of the assignment, we analysed the market on a state by state basis and identified both commercial and government-owned publishers active in the market.


Telecom Services / Bangladesh


  • Leading international telecoms operator.
  • Keen to quantify market opportunity in the emerging 3G segment of the Bangladesh telecoms market and to understand key regulatory and political considerations.  
  • 'On the ground' research in capital and a number of regional cities
  • Interviews with key business, regulatory and political organisations
  • Made recommendations on attractiveness of market 


Trade Events / Brazil


  • Leading business media group active in print and online media and trade fairs
  • Seeking acquisition opportunities in Brazil that meet its well defined acquisition criteria
  • Identified potential acquisition opportunities (based on agreed criteria).  Facilitated discussions with selected potential targets 


Lubricants / India


  • Leading oil lubricants group keen to expand presence in Indian lubricants industry
  • Undertook market sizing, competitor analysis study


Telecom Operator - Publisher partnerships / North America & Europe


  • Leading yellow pages publisher owned by an incumbent telecoms operator
  • As part of a potential restructuring, it is keen to understand the commercial and legal arrangements between incumbent telecoms operators and yellow pages operations that they have divested. 
  • Identified relevant peer companies in North America and Europe 
  • Undertook research through interviews with companies and other industry professionals
  • Provided client with a detailed understanding of key commercial and legal arrangements and the broader regaultory environment for the directories sector 

We work with organisations on their corporate strategy, including support on growth strategy, M&A, and innovation.  

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