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Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi (ERT)

Ownership type: State owned
Private equity investors: No
Reuters Code: N/A
Bloomberg Code: N/A
Last full year revenues: EUR 0.000 millions
Year end: December 0
No. of employees: N.A.
Key activities:
Television broadcasting

Summary description

 Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi (ERT), established in 1938, is a state-owned television and radio broadcaster in Greece. 

Television Broadcasting
ERT operates 2 television channels with nationwide coverage (NET and ET-1); one television network with broad coverage (ET-3); 2 regional television stations (in Patras and Heraklion); one worldwide satellite channel (ERTWorld); and 3 digital channels (PRISMA +, CINE+ and SPORT+).

Radio Broadcasting
ERT started radio broadcasting in 1988.  It operates 19 regional radio stations; 2 radio stations with worldwide coverage (ERA 5 Voice of Greece and ERA International Network); 6 radio stations with nationwide coverage (ΝΕΤ 105.8, SECOND PROGRAMME 103.7, THIRD PROGRAMME 90.9, ERA-SPORT 101.8, ΚΟSΜΟS 93.6, and FILIA 107 FM and 665 AM); and 3 ERT-3 radio stations (2 with local and one with worldwide coverage).  It also publishes weekly magazine Radiotileorasi.


Contact details
432 Mesogeion Avenue
Agia Paraskevi
Greece - 15342
Tel: +30 210 7298853

Contact Name:N.A.
Contact Title:N.A.



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