We work with our clients through applying rigorous analysis to their business challenges.  Below are examples of some common capabilities we offer our clients.


M&A is a critical tool for organisations to capture opportunities which are difficult to capture through organic growth.  We work with our clients on a number of aspects of the M&A process including acquisition search, commercial due diligence and valuation.

Company Benchmarking / Peer Group Analysis

Understanding an organisation's strategic and financial position versus its peers and competitors is critical to informing strategic and investment decisions.  We offer clients a comprehensive company benchmarking/peer group analysis service.  The core of our process consists of three key elements:

  • Industry Trends; a detailed look at the relevant industry, growth trends and future outlook.
  • Financial Analysis; a rigorous analysis of key financial indicators covering growth, profitability, efficiency, leverage, investment and returns.
  • Strategic Initiatives; an assessment of the company's strategy and key corporate actions against industry-specific business drivers.

G2Mi Company Analysis Methodology









i) Emerging Industry Landscape

- Current Landscape

- Emerging Landscape

- Innovator case studies


ii) Industry Drivers

- Analysis of past performance 

- Future outlook


iii) Industry Prospects

- Short term trends

- Structural trends

i) Growth & Profitability

- Revenue Growth

- Profitability (EBITDA, EBIT, Net)

Earnings Growth

- Segmentation Analysis

Operating Costs Analysis


ii) Operating Efficiency

- Operating Costs/Revenue

- Employee Productivity


iii) Financial Strength

- Interest Coverage

- Net debt/EBITDA


iv) Investment

- Absolute investment (Organic vs M&A)

- Capex/Sales


v) Shareholder Returns

- Equity Performance

- Cash Returns

i) Strategy Scorecard

- Key business/strategy drivers

- Corporate performance vs drivers


ii) Corporate Actions (M&A, JVs, Restructuring)

- Actions mapped to business drivers

- Detail of purchase consideration, financing and structure





Core Analysis is supplemented with industry-specific metrics 

Examples of analysis

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