We work with our clients through applying rigorous analysis to their business challenges.  Below are examples of some common capabilities we offer our clients.

Growth strategy

We identify and assess new growth opportunities for our clients; key capabilities include market sizing, competitive landscape, regulatory analysis, potential partners and acquisition opportunities.  Areas where we have built particular expertise include digital innovation and emerging markets. 


M&A is a critical tool for organisations to capture opportunities which are difficult to capture through organic growth.  We work with our clients on a number of aspects of the M&A process including acquisition search, commercial due diligence and valuation.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets present unique and complex challenges for businesses.  We have substantial experience of working in emerging markets ranging from BRIC countries to frontier markets such as Bangladesh.  Our clients typical needs are to better understand market size/structure, regulatory environment and potential partners/acquisitions.

Company Benchmarking / Peer Group Analysis

Understanding an organisation's strategic and financial position versus its peers and competitors is critical to informing strategic and investment decisions.  We offer clients a comprehensive company benchmarking/peer group analysis service.  The core of our process consists of three key elements:

  • Industry Trends; a detailed look at the relevant industry, growth trends and future outlook.
  • Financial Analysis; a rigorous analysis of key financial indicators covering growth, profitability, efficiency, leverage, investment and returns.
  • Strategic Initiatives; an assessment of the company's strategy and key corporate actions against industry-specific business drivers.

G2Mi Company Analysis Methodology









i) Emerging Industry Landscape

- Current Landscape

- Emerging Landscape

- Innovator case studies


ii) Industry Drivers

- Analysis of past performance 

- Future outlook


iii) Industry Prospects

- Short term trends

- Structural trends

i) Growth & Profitability

- Revenue Growth

- Profitability (EBITDA, EBIT, Net)

Earnings Growth

- Segmentation Analysis

Operating Costs Analysis


ii) Operating Efficiency

- Operating Costs/Revenue

- Employee Productivity


iii) Financial Strength

- Interest Coverage

- Net debt/EBITDA


iv) Investment

- Absolute investment (Organic vs M&A)

- Capex/Sales


v) Shareholder Returns

- Equity Performance

- Cash Returns

i) Strategy Scorecard

- Key business/strategy drivers

- Corporate performance vs drivers


ii) Corporate Actions (M&A, JVs, Restructuring)

- Actions mapped to business drivers

- Detail of purchase consideration, financing and structure





Core Analysis is supplemented with industry-specific metrics 

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